Wearing a Hoodie with Style

Learn the Basics of Wearing a Hoodie with Style

There is a plethora of styling tips posted here these days so it’s almost no challenge to find new ways to wear an outfit. Then again, one must be aware how a particular article of clothing works on the body, before they can properly style it. So, in this article, we’ll dive into hoodies and how you can properly style them to suit the occasion.

What is a Hoodie?

Also referred to as a sweatshirt or a jacket, a hoodie is a top outerwear with a hood. While it can be worn as a fashion piece, it is mainly used for protection from natural elements like rain, wind and cold temperatures. This article of clothing is a particular favorite for many in the younger generations because of how comfortable it is to wear, and how it doesn’t restrict movement, the way a coat would. This is also the usual material when it comes to clothing merchandise, because custom T-shirts & hoodies are just all the rave these days.

Now, let’s move forward towards the different ways a hoodie can be styled into an outfit.

Different Hoodie Styles for Men and Women

Here’s the key thing in styling with hoodies: Layering. This fashion technique is efficient and effective in showing both depth and character. So, we’re making use of this approach in these three styles:

Classic Hoodie Top

This is almost a no-brainer. It’s the most common casual look for “I just put this on because it’s cold outside” kind of vibe. It’s comfortable, straightforward, and undeniably practical. Basically, you’ll just put a hoodie on over a shirt you’re already wearing. However, some put an edge to it with matching custom T-shirts & hoodies as some sort of statement.

Hoodie with Bomber Jacket

This outfit blends the aesthetic of urban and athleisure, and it works best with dark jeans or some athletic bottom wear, and some cool kicks. Generally, this is pulled off by wearing a bomber jacket over a hoodie made with a more lightweight material for contrast. A hoodless windbreaker may also be used instead of the bomber jacket.

Coat or Parka – Hoodie Combo

If you’re planning to don something smart or business casual, then may be the outfit for you. By wearing a trench coat or a parka over your hoodie, you can creating a visual structure around your body, while retaining the comfort of a warm hoodie on your upper body. This is one way to still feel relaxed while looking professional.

Denim or Leather over the Hoodie

For our last favorite style, let’s drape over something rugged and stiff over the softer fabric of your hoodie. This style is also a play on contrast, but adds more character to your get-up, and this can definitely be perfected with some jeans and sneakers.

As the cold months approach, you shouldn’t only ready your homes, but also your wardrobe. It is for this reason that we would recommend you curate what else could suit your hoodie. Always take note that you can always opt to look fashionable while staying warm. That said, we hope this article can be of help to you.

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