The Culture of Wearing Once

The culture of wearing clothes once is coming to an end. Many people who use social media frequently tend to shy away from wearing a single outfit in a picture since they fear being bashed by people. Having many fashion brands has made people try different looks when capturing a moment on social media, but recently, the trend seems to decline.

The days when people used to frequent social gathering areas to show their taste in fashion ended as people worldwide were placed on partial lockdown. Pajamas became the clothes of the day since many people were at home.

Pajamas are the best example of clothes that are not frequently displayed on social media yet are among the most worn garments. The notion that wearing a specific cloth while attending a date and later wearing it again seems illegal to people, yet the thought has changed over the years.

The culture is declining since many people have become more aware and conscious of fashion. Many people had also started embracing buying cheaper clothes at local thrift shops.

Since these clothes tend to be long-lasting and fashion taste usually remains the same after many years,  people started keeping collections of different clothes. By doing so, they had already embraced ethical and sustainable garments.

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