10 Japanese Designers You Should Know

Below are some of the ten best Japanese designers anyone should know.

Shigeki Morino – Patchy Cake Eater was a brand he introduced which is suitable for the sensitive ladies’ men. It takes essence usually in a feminine fashion.

Hiroko Takahashi – she focuses more on classical looks of the 1960s. She introduced some new designs to the market in the form of full circles and weird patterns which are trendy even up to this day.

Hiroshi Fujiwara – after traveling to the USA in the 1980s, he fell in love with the hip-hop culture, and when he returned to Japan, he introduced a sneaker store which became widely famous up to this day.

Toshikazu Iwaya – she is known for some of the glamorous looks in the world. She specializes in expensive women and men’s clothes known even to be worn by politicians.

Yu Amatsu – Yu launched the brand called Degree Fahrenheit which specializes in creative designs and has partnered with other brands to introduce them to a new generation.

Yoshio Kubo – his designs mainly incorporate social themes that make people think of the importance of wearing clothes and society.

Shinsuke Takizawa – he is known to transform western clothes to become more stylish and has a brand in Japan called NEIGHBOURHOOD which sells clothes.

Nicola Formichetti – she is the former stylist of Lady Gaga. She is known for leather clothing and denim fabrics which are popular in Japan.

Sk8thing – the owner of one of the biggest fashion brands in the world who teamed up with musicians such as Pharrel Williams to make clothes with graphic prints.

Chisato Tsumori – he makes his clothes with a bit of hand-drawn graphics or notes, and they have become the best in Japan.

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