Everything Required When Getting Dolphin Skin

Everyone usually loves to have glowing skin. The dolphin skin was coined by makeup artist Mary Phillips who applied it first on Hailey Beiber to achieve perfect glowing skin. To accomplish the dolphin skin, some concoctions of skincare and makeup must go hand-in-hand to complete the look.

The chin, temples, top of the cheekbone, area of the bridge of the nose, and between the eyebrows must have the mixture in to achieve a perfect dolphin skin.

A liquid highlighter is important if you want to leave your skin smooth. Glitter products should be avoided as the dolphin skin won’t be achieved.

Below are some highlighters that can be used to achieve the dolphin skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand – it gives a much-focused finish that is usually soft and doesn’t leave any glitters behind.

Glossier Futuredew – it’s one of the best products, especially when you try to achieve a plump slick skin after removing makeup. It has a serum formula that ensures you look good after getting the dolphin skin.

Patrick Ta Major Glow – the product is among the best in the world since it contains a high moisture content leaving the skin feeling fresh.

Elf Jelly Eye Gloss and Pop Face – the product contains dew-drops that makes the skin glisten. It’s applied on the face and more so over the eyelids.

Super Dew Highlighter Bam – it gives a luminous finish and does not contain any glitter. It’s one of the cheapest products on the market.

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